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My Leadership Legacy

Program Goal

My Leadership Legacy is designed to elevate seasoned executives as well as high-potential managers and employees beyond their current level of leadership effectiveness in order to produce breakthrough results. The program is designed and led to honour and respect the highest standards of human values. It provides participants with the tools to become effective, powerful and self-generative leaders, and to bring a collaborative and coaching-based leadership culture into their organization.

Program Results

My Leadership Legacy aims to generate results at both the individual and organisational levels, by shifting the way that participants approach the way they work and relate to others.

Organisations can expect that participants will be able to:

  • Generate cultural alignment within the organisation
  • Develop and sustain vision and values-driven teams in the pursuit of organisational objectives
  • Develop a shift in mindset from “trying to avoid failure” to “what we want to achieve”
  • Build powerful relationships that support employee, stakeholder and partner engagement
  • Overcome challenges and failures in order to produce breakthrough results

Program Objectives

My Leadership Legacy uses an ontological approach to produce transformative opportunities for participants. This approach offers simple yet effective tools to overcome obstacles and expose blind spots that limit them from achieving desired results. They will discover authentic leadership, and learn how to move from being reactive and defensive to being able to generate creative and positive outcomes, no matter what the situation.

Participants will:

  • Move from resisting change, to accepting, welcoming, and generating it
  • Examine their perceptions of reality and their belief systems
  • Learn that they are personally the architects of organisational culture
  • Explore the power of language
  • Develop new “ways of being” in their leadership and management.

Program Approach

My Leadership Legacy is the result of many years of experience in organisational development, leadership development and coaching with thousands of senior leaders in both the public and private sectors. The course takes the form of a series of conversations. Participants will address these conversations in the context of their own experience and their perceptions of the challenges that they and their organisations face. They will learn to create new possibilities and commit to achieving concrete and exceptional results in the workplace. They will have the opportunity to share the progress they have made and the failures they have encountered, and establish a pathway forward. The material presented is provocative and powerful, and the role of participants will be to question the fundamental assumptions they make that influence their actions and that frame what they consider to be possible and impossible.

Program Format and Content

My Leadership Legacy is ten days in duration and can be customized to a variety of formats including multiple short sessions over a period of several months, or as longer blocks over a shorter period of time. Throughout the program, participants will be coached to meet and exceed their stated commitments, producing results that they considered to be unattainable before.

Areas of focus include:

  • Basic ontological distinctions of leadership
  • Leading within the context of commitments
  • Avoidance and winning strategies
  • Using the power of enrolment
  • Experiencing oneself as a coach
  • Creating new realities through language
  • Being at peace with the past and generating the future
  • Responsibility, accountability and authority
  • The importance of appreciation and acknowledgement in leadership

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